Gwyn Lewis - The Ghost

Nombre y apellidos: Gwyn Lewis


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País: United States

Título: The Ghost
Especie: Phyllocrania paradoxa

Descripción: The Ghost Mantis is a small African species that mimics leaves to camouflage itself from both prey and predators. It ranges in color from nearly black to green. Their color is dependent on light and humidity and can change. The Mantis pictured is a male distinguished by the thin and irregular crown on his head. The inks that I used to paint this Ghost Mantis were made by me out of sun dried walnut husk combined and fermented with rusted metal; fresh walnut husk evaporated 75% to concentrate the color; Annatto seed; Saffron, and Ash leaves. The watercolor pencils used are Faber-Castell (Albrecht Durer).

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Painted with handmade water media (botanical sources) and Faber-Castell Watercolor pencils
Tamaño: 30cm x 40cm
Año: 2021

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