Hanieh Darvishian - Mycena Haematopus

Name: Hanieh Darvishian

Redes sociales: www.instagram.com/hanieh__darvishian

Country: Iran 

Title: Mycena Haematopus
Specie: pinterest

Description: " a mushroom is the fleshy , spore bearing fruiting bod of a fungus , typically produced above ground , on soil , or on its food source. " Mycena is a kind of mushrooms that they are small , rarely more than a few centimeters in width. " they are characterized by a white spore print , a small conical or bell shaped cap , and a thin fragile stem. most are gray or brown , but a few species have brighter colors."
I was always under the influence f nature and these strange creatures with exceptional structure. we have all seen mushrooms at least once in our lives and most of the time we touched them and were amazed at them. I found this photo on Pinterest and was amazed by its beauty and decided to draw it.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: rapid on airbrush paper
Size: 29.7 . 42
Year: 2021