Luísa Crisóstomo - European yew (“Taxus baccata”)

Name: Luísa Crisóstomo


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Country: Portugal

Title: European yew ("Taxus baccata")
Specie: Taxus baccata

Description: The European yew is a doecious, evergreen conifer tree species native to most of Europe and North Africa. It grows up to 20 m tall with flat leaves, arranged spirally on the stem. The female cones have a single seed surrounded by a red aril. The male cones are yellowish and globe-like. Legend: a. twig and leaves; b. shoot with male strobili in different developmental stages; c. immature male strobilus; d. male strobilus opening; e. male strobilus fully developed with sterile bracts; f. microsporophyll and its underside; g. pollen; h. new leaves growing; i. immature female strobilus; j. female strobilus growing; k. female strobilus developed with seed; l. aril; m. aril longitudinal section and seed; n. shoot with female strobili in different developmental stages; o. habit

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Pen and ink on clayboard
Size: 27,9cm x 35,6cm
Year: 2021