Maria Elena Gonano - PTCA-STENTING

Nombre y apellidos: Maria Elena Gonano


Redes sociales:

País: Italy

Especie: medical procedure

Descripción: The picture shows the technique of percutaneous transcatheter coronary angioplasty (PTCA) with coronary stent placement, utilized for the treatment of cardiac ischaemic diseases: a catheter is introduced percutaneously through an ischaemic artery occlused by atheroma (left). The balloon carried by the catheter is enflated in order to enlange the stenotic lumen of the artery (middle) and contemporarily the fenestrated metallic prothesis (stent) is placed adherently to artery wall. Subsequently (right), the catheter is retracted and the released stent maintains the correct diameter of the artery. The picture also schematically shows the stratified wall of the cardiac coronary arteries.

Categoría: Ilustración científica

Tamaño: cm 42×29,7 (A3) – px 4961 x 3508
Año: 2020

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