Mariangela Stolfi - Calendula arvensis

Nombre y apellidos: Mariangela Stolfi

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País: Italia

Título: Calendula arvensis
Especie: Calendula arvensis

Descripción: Annual, hairy, intensely fragrant plant, with more or less ascending stems; the light green leaves are petiolate below. The flower heads, 2 cm in diameter, are isolated, with yellow or intense orange flowers. It lives in fields, vineyards and uncultivated fields up to 600 m. Common in central-southern Europe.
The petals of marigold were used by the Romans as a substitute for saffron or used to make a juice for yellow dyes.
Looking at his flowers, the farmers make predictions about the weather: if they are closed until around eight o'clock, they expect rain.
In Greek mythology, the plant is associated with Aphrodis who, saddened by the death of Adonis, wept tears which, touching the ground, turned into marigolds. This is why the flower is associated with sad symobologies.

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Pastel
Tamaño: 33X24 cm
Año: 2021

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