Mario Dobrecevic - On Watch While Nesting

Nombre y apellidos: Mario Dobrecevic

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País: Croatia

Título: On Watch While Nesting
Especie: Oviraptorosaur

Descripción: "On Watch While Nesting" is inspired by this years' recovered Oviraptorosaurus specimen from uppermost Cretaceous-aged rocks (and previous fossilized remains of it's skeleton) some 70 million years old, in Ganzhou City in southern China's Jiangxi Province. This is the first time a non-avian dinosaur has been found, sitting on a nest of eggs that preserve embryos (where babies were almost ready to hatch) in a single spectacular specimen, explains Dr. Shundong Bi, one of the scientist working on the project. The late stage of development of the embryos and the close proximity of the adult to the eggs strongly suggests that the latter died in the act of incubating its nest. This illustration is celebrating caring and nurturing of a parent in an act of brooding, while being 'on watch'.

Categoría: Ilustración científica

Técnica: Faber Castell Colored Pencil
Tamaño: 297 x 420 mm
Año: 2021

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