Mike Whyte - Sunbathing

Name: Mike Whyte
Web: www.mykadelica.com

Redes sociales: www.instagram.com/mykadelica

Country: England

Title: Sunbathing
Specie: Tiger

Description: I got the idea for this picture from a series of illustrations I was producing, based around exotic animals entering city spaces. This in turn came from news I saw during the first UK lockdown of animals exploring urban areas as people were made to stay inside. The source material for the tigers came from pictures I took at a zoo just outside London a few years ago. I had booked the trip as a birthday present for my Mum – our intention being to go and feed meerkats. On the way there I snapped these beautiful tigers, doing the opposite of what people think off them doing. Rather than skulking around looking for food, they were serenely pointing their noses at the sun, enjoying the light and heat that fell upon them. I hope you can sense their serenity through the image too.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Digital Illustration (using Adobe Sketch)
Size: A3 landscape (420mmX297mm)
Year: 2021