Morgane Goyens - Damselflies and dragonflies, a hidden war below water

Nombre y apellidos: Morgane Goyens

Redes sociales:

País: Belgium

Título: Damselflies and dragonflies, a hidden war below water
Especie: Anax imperator, Ischnura elegans

Descripción: If adult dragonflies and damselflies are quite indifferent to each other, the story is quite different when it comes to the aquatic part of their life cycle. Indeed, damselflies are often on the menu of dragonfly nymphs. The last possess a weapon of choice to hunt down its prey: an impressive extensible mandible.

Figure legend:
a: Anax imperator adult female
b: Anax imperator nymph
c: Ischnura elegans nymph
d: Ischnura elegans adult female
e: close-up of Anax imperator nymph extensible mandible
Plants: Equisetum telmateia

Categoría: Ilustración científica

Técnica: Ink and digital drawing
Tamaño: 29,7cmx42,0cm
Año: 2021

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