Newma Gusmão Lima - Anacardium humile

Name: Newma Gusmão Lima

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Country: Brasil

Title: Anacardium humile
Specie: Anacardium humile

Description: Popular name: Cajuzinho-do-cerrado, Cajueiro-do-campo

It is a plant from the Anacardiaceae family, native from Brazil. It is found mainly in the Cerrado biome.
This shrub stands out in the arid Cerrado, thanks to the intense greens of its leaves and the vibrant colors of its fruits. It produces pseudo fruits whose colors straddle from red to yellow. These pseudo fruits are small, measuring 3 to 4 cm, juicy, fragrant and with an acid flavor. They can be eaten in their natural form, in juices or delicious sweet jams.
Its real fruit (which is unknown to many) is the chestnut. The delicious chestnut can be consumed fresh or roasted, pure or in sweet, savory recipes and medicinal purposes. It blooms between September and October, bearing fruits in November.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Watercolor
Size: 56x42cm
Year: 2020