Patricia Bondia - What bacteria and finger traps have in common?

Name: Patricia Bondia

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Country: España

Title: What bacteria and finger traps have in common?
Specie: S.aureus bacteria

Description: S.aureus receptor acts as a finger trap to catch fibrinogen, the more force applied the stronger the receptor traps it until a critical force. This provides the pathogen bacterium with a mechanism to tightly control its adhesive function during colonization and infection. To be able to study this interaction fibrinogen (in white) is attached to a nano-tip (in gold), which allows its movement control. Thus, fibrinogen is presented to a S. aureus bacterium (in purple), which uses its surface protein SpsD to trap it and the nano-tip pulls measuring the strength resistance of the bond.
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Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: 3D illustration (Blender)
Size: 2212×2467 pixels
Year: 2020