Patrick Braga - Sclerectomy Flap

Name: Patrick Braga

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Country: Brasil

Title: Sclerectomy Flap
Specie: Oftalmology

Description: This image was made at MedPixel Studios comissioned by an oftalmology author who was publishing an
article about sclerectomy and glaucoma. I did a digital illustration planned about many author references, videos
as well as the anatomy atlases in order to create an original piece of medical illustration and I believe the
best picture of the illustration sequence was this one. Just to clarify the image sequence created illustrates
the anatomical steps to reach the Schlemm's canal to fix congenital complications with glaucoma making use
of Photoshop to draw, to choose the base colors, to shade as well as to make all the details of the structures.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Digital Illustration
Size: 297mmm x 497mm 72dpi
Year: 2021