Paula Sofia A. Constantino Vaz - The best boon of life

Nombre y apellidos: Paula Sofia A. Constantino Vaz

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País: Portugal

Título: The best boon of life
Especie: Human, Homo sapiens sapiens

Descripción: Gestation determines the time between the conception and birth. Being born is an event experienced by all of us. Studies have shown that fetuses store memories, developing sensations, such as the recognition of sounds, the touch of parents, the emotions of the mother. The 40 weeks of pregnancy (approximately) can be divided into: "egg" or zygote; embryo (3-8 weeks); and fetal period (from 9 weeks until the baby's birth).

I. Fertilization. Egg (female cell) and sperm (male reproductive cells).*
ll. "Egg" fertilized. The single cell divides. Each new cell contains a piece of nucleus from the primary cell*.
lII. The cells multiply. Each of the "grains" represents a cell*.
IV. Carnegie Stages** 32-37-44-50-54-56 days.
V. Five month human fetus.
VI. The baby spontaneously assumes the head pos

Categoría: Ilustración científica

Técnica: Mixed technique: China ink and graphite | Watercolor, watercolor pencils and color pencils.
Tamaño: 32,5x45cm
Año: 2021

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