Renata Rosado Alves - Fishes of Doce River

Name: Renata Rosado Alves

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Country: Brazil

Title: Fishes of Doce River
Specie: From left to right/ top to bottom: Brycon opalinus, Henochilus wheatlandii, Hypomasticus thayeri (old Leporynus thayeri), Steindachneridion doceanum, Brycon dulcis, Prochilodus vimboides.

Description: This project is a selection of native and officially endangered fishes from the middle portion of the Doce River's hydrographic basin – Brazil, which was the subject of my master's research. Despite its great importance (~3.6M population), this basin suffers historical degradation and was the scene of the worst environmental disaster in Brazil recorded to date, with a large spill of mining waste in its waters, 2015. The challenge of working with threatened species highlights the value of this project. Moreover, some species are endemic, whose distribution is limited and still uncertain. The illustrations required deep research and interpretation, reflecting observations from museum specimens, photography analysis, review of the scientific literature and and learning from specialists.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Color pencil
Size: A3 (29.7 X 42 cm) each
Year: 2020