Sara Willia - Tardigrade Parenthood

Nombre y apellidos: Sara Willia

Redes sociales:

País: United Kingdom

Título: Tardigrade Parenthood
Especie: Tardigrada

Descripción: This art, created on 13 March, 2021, illustrates three classes of Tardigrades: Mesotardigrada, Eutardigrada, and Heterotardigrada. On the ride side of the work is a window-glimpse of tardigrades appearing to tend to their eggs, which are carefully protected by molt sacs and a cluster of algae. Many exciting questions have yet to be answered regarding tardigrades, such as how they communicate (if at all), how they care for each other, and why some species possess single-cell "eyes" while others don't.

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Digital brushes
Tamaño: 4000x5000px
Año: 2021

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