Tracy Marais - Zygocactus

Nombre y apellidos: Tracy Marais

Redes sociales:

País: South Africa

Título: Zygocactus
Especie: Plant

Descripción: This is a South African variation of the Zygocactus 'Crabs Claw' that is found in South Africa. It grows very easily by simply plucking one segment from the plant and placing it in the ground. Tiny fibers grow from the top of the segment that eventually strengthen to become the stem. This plant cascades down walls and over rockeries to create a natural feature piece. The beautiful pink flowers add to the effect as their vibrant bloom peels away to reveal beautiful layers of petals. This plant displays the true beauty of nature as the younger segments change from a lime green with blushed tips, to deeper veridians and purple hues.

Categoría: Ilustración científica

Técnica: Coloured pencil and ink
Tamaño: 29,7×42,0cm
Año: 2021

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