Vannie Gama - ''100 Species of the Brazilian fauna - Aquatic section''

Name: Vannie Gama

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Country: Brazil

Title: ''100 Species of the Brazilian fauna – Aquatic section''
Specie: a) Gramma brasiliensis b) Voluta ebraea c) Scolymia wellsii d) Hippocampus erectus e) Onychoteuthis banksii f) Branchiomma luctuosum g) Inia geoffrensis h) i)Electrophorus electricus j) Enchelycore anatina k) Mobula birostris l)Niritina virgínea m) Octopus hummelincki n) Ucides cordatus o) Serrasalmus serrulatus p) Cephalorhynchus commersonni q) Harriotta raleighana r) Colomesus asellus s) Chaunax suttkusi t) Echinaster brasiliensis u) Ephinephelus marginatus v)Physalia physalis w)Eucidaris tribuloides x )Syllarides brasiliensis y) Condylactis gigantes z) Lychnorhiza lucerna

Description: The board above is a selection of 27 aquatic species from the series '' 100 species of Brazilian fauna '', a research project created by Vannie Gama on Brazilian fauna, carried out between April and November 2020 in the city of Jaguariuna, Brazil, during the quarantine of COVID-19. The series represents both recently cataloged species, endemic and endangered species. Based on hundreds of articles and books on biology and species cataloging, the series was mainly motivated due to the burning and environmental issues faced by the country in 2020. About 18 species in the catalog are the first illustrations to be made in Brazil, such as the species b), e), f), j), q) w) and x) of the selection shown above.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Watercolour on paper
Size: Each species has 21,9 x 15,7 cm
Year: 2020