YM Cho - Mexican Violetear

Nombre y apellidos: YM Cho
País: United States of America

Título: Mexican Violetear
Especie: C. thalassinus

Descripción: The Mexican Violetear is a medium-sized, metallic green hummingbird that resides in forested areas of Mexico to Nicaragua. Measuring at about 9.7 to 12 cm in total length with a wingspan of 12 cm, the hummingbird has distinctive colors. The neck appears to look shining green above with a glittering violet ear-patch on the sides. The throat, chest, and belly are glittering and shining green. The tail is a metallic blue-green with more bronzy central feathers.

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Colored pencils, pens, markers
Tamaño: 22 cm (w) x 28 cm (h)
Año: 2021

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