Annie Tzun - Formosan clouded leopard

Name: Annie Tzun

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Country: Taiwan

Title: Formosan clouded leopard
Specie: Neofelis nebulosa

Description: A subspecies endemic to Taiwan of the genus Clouded Leopard,it is a medium to large cat, with a body length of 60-100 cm and a tail length of 50-90 cm, which is almost the same as that of a leopard tail; its weight is 16-30 kg. The whole body is yellowish brown; there are several black longitudinal bands from the forehead to the shoulders, and there are large cloud black spots on the neck and body. The neck spots are slender, the large spots on both sides of the abdomen are backward, the outline is deep and the front is thin, the middle area is large, and mixed with yellow and a little black hair. The spots on the legs gradually narrow down, and there are spots up and down the tail.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Adobe Photoshop
Size: 7610pixels x4961pixels
Year: 2022