Carla Caroça - Gypaetus barbatus

Name: Carla Caroça

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Country: Spain and Portugal

Title: Gypaetus barbatus
Specie: Gypaetus barbatus (Quebra-ossos)

Description: An osteophagous species of the Class Aves, with the common name of Crackers, almost threatened with extinction. Large bird: weight between 4.5 kg and 7 kg and can reach 12.5 kg; length between 105 cm and 115 cm; and wingspan between 250 cm and 285 cm. Characterized by having a head and neck covered in feathers, a black mustache, a strong and curved beak, eyes with yellow irises and red sclera, paws with strong claws and legs with fur. It has 4 different plumages throughout its life. It has no sexual dimorphism. It lives in caves in mountainous, steep and rocky areas. In the Iberian Peninsula, natives can be found in the Pyrenees, reintroduced in the Sierra de Cazorla (Andalusia), in the Picos de Europa (Asturias) and in Maestrazgo (Valencian Community), and sighted along the border between

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: watercolor on watercolor paper
Size: 36 cm x 24 cm
Year: 2021