Cemile Kaplan - Master of Camouflage

Name: Cemile Kaplan

Redes sociales: https://www.instagram.com/cemiile_kaplan/

Country: Turkey

Title: Master of Camouflage
Specie: Potoo (Nyctibius)

Description: Potoo, a. opposite with her baby in the drawing, b. In the drawing, the side view is drawn. The camouflage feature of the bird is intended to be reflected in the drawings.

Potoos sleep on trees during the day and hunt insects at night. They lay their eggs on tree stumps and raise their young on top of trees. They have large heads, wide beaks, large eyes, long wings and tails. They have "teeth" on the cutting edges of their upper jaws that can aid in foraging, and slits on their eyelids that allow them to detect movement even when their eyes are closed during the day. Their feathers resemble logs, and if they detect potential danger, they take a "freezing" position, more like a broken branch. Young Potoos have white fur and do the same with their parents.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Dry paint, marker pen, watercolor drawing, then digital drawing in Adobe Photoshop
Size: A4 (210 x 297mm)
Year: 2022