CHIA-CHEN CHOU - Snowy owl


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Country: Taiwan

Title: Snowy owl
Specie: Snowy owl

Description: The snowy owl is a large owl of the strigidae, with a body length of about 50-71 cm. Its main feature is its almost whole body of snow-white feathers. These dense feathers enable them to maintain a temperature of -50°C for 38 -40°C body temperature. In addition, their head can be turned up to 270°, which allows them to have a clear view of the hunting area when foraging.
Snowy owls are mainly distributed in the tundra around the Arctic and on islands that are not completely covered by ice and snow in the Arctic Circle. Even in summer, their activity range is north of 60°N. However, because their prey populations vary widely, they need to be adjusted frequently, making them frequent migratory birds, so they also occasionally breed and forage south of latitude 60°N.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: digital painting
Size: A2(420×594mm)
Year: 2022