Concetta Franciamore - Carduelis carduelis -The goldfinch

Nombre y apellidos: Concetta Franciamore

País: Italy

Título: Carduelis carduelis-The goldfinch
Especie: Animal-bird

Descripción: In the Goldfinch the sexual dimorphism is present even if not in all cases and easily recognizable.
In the male the red mask goes beyond the eye, while in the female it hardly exceeds half of the eye.
The Mediterranean vegetation deflects the habitat that it prefers, but it is found throughout Europe, parts of Asia and North Africa.
Its diet is composed of various types of seeds, ripe and immature.
European Goldfinch es are commonly kept and bred in captivity around the world because of their distinctive appearance and pleasant song.
If european goldfinches are kept with domestic canaries, they tend to lose their native song and call in favor of their cage mates songs.

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Watercolors on paper
Tamaño: A4
Año: 2021

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