Giada Ottone - Great Spotted Woodpecker in Winter

Name: Giada Ottone

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Country: Italy

Title: Great Spotted Woodpecker in Winter
Specie: Great Spotted Woodpecker; Pawlonia Tree

Description: I have often observed a curious behavior of this great spotted woodpecker. It comes close to my house only in the winter season. It always lands on the same Pawlonia tree. It always rests on the lower part of the trunk, and then climbs, with its paws, up to the top and then flies away. The observation always lasts a few minutes.
This specimen, a female (recognizable by the lack of the red spot on the nape) was observed in the winter of 2020 in Piedmont (North Italy).

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: watercolors on paper
Size: cm 21 x 29,7
Year: 2021