Pham Bao Chau NGUYEN - Not just a leather

Name: Pham Bao Chau NGUYEN

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Country: France

Title: Not just a leather
Specie: Peacock Indian Peafowl

Description: The feather of a peacock has been attracting scientific research for more than 300 years thanks to its aesthetic. There are a lot of barbs sticking out from the main shaft of the peacock's leather, and each barb has many barbules (figure a). The typical dimension of a barbule is between 20-30μm. They are curved along their long axis and slightly twisted from the roots. The surfaces of which are smoothly curved like the shape of a saddle (figure b). Under high magnification, 8–12 layers consisting of periodically arrayed particles are observed beneath the surface layer (figure c). The sophisticated color-producing structure in the leather of a peacock was clarified by using an electron microscope as illustrated in figure d.
Reference : MIYAZAKI, J. "Physics of structural colors"

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Pen and ink on paper
Size: 21 cm * 27,9 cm
Year: 2022