Sveta Basilevs - Ukraine

Name: Sveta Basilevs

Redes sociales:

Country: Odessa

Title: Ukraine
Specie: illustration

Description: The drooping tulip (Latin Túlipa pátens) is a species of perennial bulbous herbaceous plants from the genus Tulip of the Liliaceae family. It is listed in 10 regional Red Data Books of Russia.
Habitat: in its natural environment grows in the northeast of Central Asia, in Russia – in the Trans-Volga region, the Lower Volga region, the Don steppes, Western Siberia, in the Southern Urals.
Grows in steppe areas, on rocky outcrops along river banks.
Blooms from mid-April to mid-May; bears fruit in June.
Botanical description
The bulb is ovoid, with a hairy membrane.
Stem height 10-25 centimeters, leaves 2-3, pointed, bent.
The flower is drooping, pointed, greenish on the outside with a purple tint, on the inside – white.
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryotes
Class: Monocotyledo

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: pencil on paper
Size: А4 (210 х 297 мм)
Year: 2021