Weibin Lin - Report of bird's habitat - the nest

Name: Weibin Lin

Country: China

Title: Report of bird's habitat – the nest
Specie: Titmouse, Egret,

Description: This work refers to the fact that birds, such as titmouse ( in the middle of the work),sparrows ( on the upper side) and Egrets ( in the right corner) , have to use wastes such as fishing nests, plastic bottles, and disposable straws, instead of branches to build their nests. In order to draw these birds and their living conditions in details, I take dip pen and acrylic ink as my main tools instead of normal brushes. Besides that, in further imagination, trees are intertwined with bandages, barks are shaved off from trees and transformed to "artificial flowers". Moreover, plastic products were hidden under barks, and trash islands appeared from the background.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Pen and ink on paper
Size: 28 × 38 cm
Year: 2021