Aida Kovrigina - The juniper.

Nombre y apellidos: Aida Kovrigina
Web: Facebook

Redes sociales: Facebook

País: Russian Federation

Título: The juniper.
Especie: The drawing

Descripción: Juniper is a plant belonging to the cypress family. The height of the shrub is 1-3 meters, but there are also juniper trees with a height of 10-12 meters. Juniper begins to bloom after 5 years. It forms small male and female cones, but since the plant is dioecious, some speciments bear only male cones, other only females. Pollination occurs in May, after which seeds are formed. Each pinecone bears three seeds. The cones have a spherical shape and, when mature, resemble berries very much. In the figure, the common juniper:a branch of a female plant with ripe cones (1), a female inflorescence (2), a shoot of a male plant (3), an anther spike (4), a cone in the section (5), a seed (6).

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: The drawing
Tamaño: 210 * 297
Año: 2022

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