Anastasia Rodionova - Human skull

Name: Anastasia Rodionova 

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Country: Russia 

Title: Human skull
Specie: Anatomy

Description: The skull is a collection of bones that forms the skeleton of the head, and serves to protect the brain. The bones of the cerebral department consist of such bones as occipital, latticed, frontal, parietal, wedge-shaped, temporal.
The front part of the bone frame is characterized by the presence of the upper and lower jaw, on which the teeth, the hyoid bone, as well as the zygomatic, lacrimal, nasal bones, the coulter and the nasal shell are located. Practically all the bone elements of the skull are connected by sutures, except for the lower jaw, which is characterized by the presence of a sedentary joint.
(1-parietal, 2-frontal, 3-sphenoid, 4-ethmoid, 5-lacrimal, 6-nasal, 7-maxilla, 8-mandible, 9-temporal, 10-occiptal)

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Graphic (black-and-white) art
Size: 29,8 x 21 см
Year: 2022