Anlan Wang - Master Degree Candidate

Name: Anlan Wang

Redes sociales:

Country: China

Title: Master Degree Candidate
Specie: Cervus nippon

Description: This picture depicts the happy life of the sika deer family of three on the grassland. The neck and limbs of the sika deer are relatively slender, with narrow and pointed hoofs and a strong body shape. The hair color is usually tan. There are obvious white spots all over the body, shaped like sika blossoms, the male deer has horns, and the female deer has no. Sika deer has a meek temperament, developed sense of hearing and smell. It is timid and likes group activities. It is a more vulnerable herbivores in the ecosystem. Wild populations in China and even the world are on the verge of extinction.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Digital drawing
Size: 29.7cm×21cm
Year: 2022