Anna Martsinyuk - колумбийская красноухая черепаха

Name: Anna Martsinyuk

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Country: Russia

Title: колумбийская красноухая черепаха
Specie: freshwater

Description: Turtles are amazing creatures created by nature. And there are so many species on our planet. But each species is special. Turtles can be as tiny as the palm of a baby, but they can also be as big as a huge boulder. Not only the size makes them special. But also appearance, habitat and many other factors. My eyes were captivated by the Colombian red-eared turtle, which lives in the south of the United States. The work is done in watercolor technique and stylization. In his work, watercolors and a goal pen were used, which made it possible to convey the drawing of a turtle and share with the observer its beauty and color features.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: watercolor technique and stylization
Size: 842×1191
Year: 2022