Beidi Zhang - Mimic predator

Name: Beidi Zhang

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Country: China
Title: Mimic predator
Specie: Histriohistrio

Description: Mimic predator(Histriohistrio)
Sargassum frogfish are small(50-100mm) and can widely be found in the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. They are not very good at swimming, and mainly live in a marine environment with a water depth of 11 meters.Their whole lifetime is related to floating seaweed beds (mainly Sargassum). Their shapes and colors are very similar to seaweed. Their pectoral fins can grasp seaweed like "hands".They can also swim in a way of spraying water by gills.The first fin has turned into a snout tentacle, which can be waved to lure small fish as food.
A.Histriohistrio B. Sargasso C. Waving snout tentacles D. Hand-like pectoral fins

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Digital painting
Size: 59.4*42 cm
Year: 2022