Carolina Campos Freire - As abelhas coletoras

Name: Carolina Campos Freire

Redes sociales:

Country: Brazil

Title: As abelhas coletoras
Specie: Paeonia and Bombus terrestris

Description: In this image we have the bee Bombus terrestris and peonies. Bombus terrestris is an excellent pollinator, due to their longer hair they are able to carry more pollen than common bees. When they invade an environment, this bee is extremely competitive and can even destroy native species, which can cause imbalance to the local ecosystem. They start working before other bee species and deplete the region's flower resources, which leads to the decay of other species. Peonies are common in the Northern Hemisphere and do well in mild climates, they also have a good share of pollen. In the image we can see the Bombus terrestris remarcable hability to carry pollen around.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Watercolour
Size: 210 x 297mm
Year: 2022