Death's-head hawkmoth - Silvia Lo Schiavo

Nom i cognoms: Silvia Lo Schiavo
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País: Italia

Títol: Death's-head hawkmoth
Espècie: Acherontia atropos

Descripció: The name derives from Acheron, the river of Greek mythology through which the helmsman Charon led the souls of the dead. And also from Atropos, the third of the Fates, the Greek goddesses who wove the destinies of men. She was assigned the task of cutting the thread that represented their life. The Death's-head hawkmoth has a varied diet, different from the caterpillar and adult butterfly stage. Caterpillars feed with fresh leaves. Adult butterflies, on the other hand, are gluttonous for honey. They also feed themself with nectar of flowers and rotting fruits. The Death's-head hawkmoth is the only butterfly in the world capable of producing a scream with its pharynx. Both the caterpillar and the butterfly when attacked make a fairly loud sound, similar to a creak.

Categoria: Il·lustració naturalista

Tècnica: Coloured pencil
Mida: 297x 210mm
Any: 2022