Details of the ostrich - Sílvia Antunes Escarduça

Nom i cognom: Sílvia Antunes Escarduça
Xarxes socials:
País: Portugal

Títol: Details of the ostrich
Espècie: Struthio camelus

Descripció: Details of the ostrich is a hyperrealism graphite portrait of the biggest living species of bird, in this case, specifically a female. They are a flightless bird famous for their size (males can reach 2.75 metres tall-almost half of its height is neck-and weigh more than 150 kg) and running speed (72.5km/h). They are known for having a small head, big brown eyes and thick black lashes. In this portrait the goal was to enhance the depth of the ostrich's eyes looking directly at us, the viewer, giving us a priviledged moment for contemplation and examination of its complexity.

Categoria: Il·lustració naturalista

Tècnica: Mixta – Grafite em polyester; fundo negro digital
Mida: 420 x 297 mm
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