Giada Comi - rainbow

Name: Giada Comi

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Country: Italy

Title: rainbow
Specie: porot Kea, Nestor notabilis

Description: The last report about biodiversity loss is awful, but only those who already love and live nature are concerned.
All of us need to respect the habitat, we need to learn and feel the vibes, we should go on adventures between the forest, the sea and the mountains.

It is necessary to open our eyes and see the beauty of the natural world and understand how important is to preserve and protect the environment.

I was amazed when I saw a photo of the kea parrot for the first time.
During my research I learned a lot about this wonderful creature and felt a kind of love.

Kea arouses in me the same emotion that I feel when I look at the rainbow in the sky.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: pen and digital coloring
Size: 2481 px x 3508 px
Year: 2022