Ivonna Brūvere - Roe deer poaching

Name: Ivonna Brūvere

Redes sociales: https://www.instagram.com/gornelius/

Country: Latvia

Title: Roe deer poaching
Specie: Capreolus capreolus

Description: Poaching with a loop was very popular in the 80's and 90's. In Latvia it is strictly prohibited, because it's very cruel towards animals.
This type of loop (in the middle of the drawing) has to be heated to make the required form, then it's imposed on animals' paths – in roe deer's height, so, as they walk trought them they get stuck in loop and get strangled.
To the right of the drawing You can see a roe deer's skull, who died in this trap. And in the left of the drawing – roe deer in full size with a loop which is tangled around the antlers.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Color pencils
Size: 42×29.5 cm
Year: 2022