Ksenia Gorbacheva - Polar owl

Name: Ksenia Gorbacheva
Web: https://vk.com/id173407288

Redes sociales: https://vk.com/id173407288

Country: Russia

Title: Polar owl
Specie: Bubo scandiacus

Description: I would like to tell you with my illustration, what an amazing bird the polar owl is.
The polar owl has another names: ' the white owl', ' the snowy owl'. It is a large predatory bird of the true owl family. Its habitat is mostly tundra, Eurasia, North America and Greenland. The length of the body of a large individual, can rich 70cm. It can weight about 3 kilos. This bird has excellent hearing and acute eyesight. It has powerful legs with sharp claws. We can easily recognize it by the white feathering with black spots. It's absolutely silent movement is the main advantage among other predatory birds. The unique structure of the wings of the polar owl has been studying by many scientists around the world. They are trying to use this technology to create a silent transport.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Gouache
Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)
Year: 2022