Maculinea life cycle - Clara Borràs Eroles

Nom i cognom: Clara Borràs Eroles
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Títol: Maculinea life cycle
Espècie: Maculinea sp.

Descripció: [a] The genus Maculinea/Phengaris are beautiful butterflies with a very curious life cycle. They lay their eggs in plants such as Thymus sp., where they grow until late summer. [b] At that point, the larvae produce factors and hormones that attract Myrmica ant species. [c] The ants, taking the Maculinea larvae as their own, bring it to their underground nests and feed it for about 10-11 months until they become crysalides. When its summer again, the Maculinea crysalides leave the ant nests and eclose into adult butterflies to start the cycle again.

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