Maria Bezkorovaynaya - Common kingfisher

Name: Maria Bezkorovaynaya

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Country: Ukraine
Title: Common kingfisher
Specie: lat. Alcedo atthis

Description: Common kingfisher (lat. Alcedo atthis) is a genus of birds of the kingfisher family.

This is a small bird with bright coloration. Has a straight sharp beak and a short tail.

The kingfisher has adapted to life near running water – streams and rivers. The basis of the kingfisher's food is small fish

Blue plumage of the bird is suited very well for camouflage: it's almost impossible to notice when the kingfisher flies quickly over the water.

Kingfisher numbers are declining worldwide and the reason for this is water pollution.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: watercolor on paper
Size: 30cm*40cm
Year: 2022