Marina Alexandrova - Almaty region

Name: Marina Alexandrova 

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Country: Казахстан 

Title: Almaty region
Specie: city of Tekeli

Description: Common flax, or spinning flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) is an annual naked or almost naked (without hairs) grass; the stem is 30 to 60 cm high, and in warm countries, for example in India, even higher; branches only in the upper part, in the inflorescence; the leaves are regular, narrow—lanceolate; the flowers are collected at the top in the form of a false umbrella; the sepals are pointed, finely serrated; the petals are blue with a grayish tint, sometimes white, broad-shouldered, anthers are blue, the fruit is almost spherical, the seeds are glossy[3].
Common flax has long been used as a spinning and oilseed crop. oil is squeezed out of the seeds, which is suitable for food, but most often it is used to prepare the basis for varnishes and paints, as well as for making soap. Flax seeds are

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: digital painting
Size: A4 (210 x 297 мм)
Year: 2022