Marta Świątek - The Ghost Orchid

Nombre y apellidos: Marta Świątek

Redes sociales: m_svvtk

País: Poland

Título: The Ghost Orchid
Especie: Dendrophylax

Descripción: The ghost orchid is a leafless epiphyte in the tribe Vandeae. The plant consists mainly of a network of photosynthetic roots on a tree trunk. The flowers are white, 3–4 cm wide and 7–9 cm long. They are borne on spikes arising from the root network. The lower petal, the labellum, has two long, lateral tendrils that twist slightly downward, resembling the hind legs of a jumping frog. Its bracts are thin and papery.

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: digital
Tamaño: A4
Año: 2022

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