mualla baykara - Bonobo(Pan paniscus)

Name: mualla baykara

Redes sociales:

Country: Turkey 

Title: Bonobo(Pan paniscus)
Specie: Bonobo(Pan paniscus)

Description: Bonobo monkeys are one of the primates that are closest to the human species in the evolutionary ladder. They are peaceful, matriarchal and conciliatory. Known for their love of sex, this breed uses sex not only for procreation but also for enjoyment or as a social solution. They can have sex like humans or create social rules similar to humans. In addition to the genetic similarity obtained as a result of the studies conducted by scientists, it has been observed that we also have behavioral partnerships with this species. The young female bonomo in my work stands in a sitting position with her hand on her forehead, just like a thinking person. I wanted to highlight our behavioral resemblance with this gesture, with which he displays our close relative in the primate world.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: pencil drawing
Size: 594*420 mm
Year: 2022