Nastaran nemati - Tourang

Name: Nastaran nemati
Web: Nastaran_nemati_

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Country: Iran 

Title: Tourang
Specie: American male pheasant

Description: American male pheasant
The long-tailed, magnificent American Pheasant is a family of pheasants that has lived in the wild on the plains for centuries. The beautiful texture of this pheasant's feathers caught my attention. The amazing harmony between the texture, the color and the radiance of the feathers is one of the reasons I chose the American Male Pheasant. A unique feature of the American male pheasant is the white ring around its neck, the shiny feather-colored feathers of its two breasts, and the amazing harmony of its feathers on its waist. Seeing this bird up close, I told myself that this bird is nothing short of beautiful. I tried as much as possible to use B6 pencil to depict the beauty of this bird and to test my ability to colorless simulate this bird.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Pencil drawing B10
Size: 21×29
Year: 2022