Natalya Parfenova - Zonal pelargonium dwarf form

Name: Natalya Parfenova 

Redes sociales:

Country: Russia 

Title: Zonal pelargonium dwarf form
Specie: Zonal pelargonium dwarf form

Description: 1. The plant is native to South Africa.
2. The plant are height of 125 to 200 mm.
3. Its brown seeds are small and oblong, 4 mm long.
4. The leaves are rounded, heart-shaped with a vein relief on the surface. The leaves are up to 50 mm wide. They are mostly green with a round light brown patch on the outer surface, and the name, zonal pelargonium, is attributable to this pattern.
5. The leaves are petiolate, with alternate arrangement.
6. Long peduncles bolt out of leaf axils and shoot tips carrying almost spherical umbels. Flowers on short stems grow in clusters.
7. The leaves, peduncles, and stems are puberulent.
8. The flowers are varicoloured, from bright red to pink, salmon, and white. The form of corona varies with the sort.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Mixed technique. The work used watercolor, acrylic, felt-tip pen and colored pencils.
Size: 30х25 cm
Year: 2022