Newma Gusmao Lima - Cajuzinho-do-cerrado

Name: Newma Gusmao Lima

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Country: Brazil

Title: Cajuzinho-do-cerrado
Specie: A. humile

Description: I consider the Cajuzinho-do-cerrado one of the most beautiful fruit plants native to the Brazilian Cerrado. It is a small, twisted, hermaphrodite shrub from the Anacardiaceae family, which bears fruits from October to November. Its fruits appear at the end of the drought season, providing a beautiful dark green and vibrant red coloring, which constrasts with the parched landscape of the Cerrado. The red coloured bits, which we usually name as fruits, are actually accessory fruits, since it is the nut attached to them that is the seed-bearing structure. The flesh of the accessory fruit is a rich source of vitamin C used in the production of juices, jams, jellies, etc. The nut is also used in cooking: besides having a delicious taste, its nutritional value is immense.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Watercolour
Size: 6615 x 4961 px
Year: 2021