Sana Hamrah - Persian Ground Jay

Name: Sana Hamrah

Redes sociales: Instagram: @hasana_art_official

Country: Iran

Title: Persian Ground Jay
Specie: Digital painting (ipad pro – procreate)

Description: Ground jay is a bird from Jay breeds (crows) which nowadays can only be found in dessert and semi-deserts parts of Iran. This bird is different from other sorts of jays specially in color and voice. It mainly feeds on insects, larvas, and seeds. It is slender and distinctly curved. Legs greyish white. Head sandy buff, streaked black loral stripe extending just behind the eye and black patch on upper breast. Ground color of body sandy buff tinged pink, becoming whitish on face and throat. Primaries black with broad white bases narrowing on outermost feathers. Secondaries black with white tips. Greater coverts black with broad white tips. Tail glossy blue-black.
I have decided to illustrate the full body, flying gesture and side view of the bird.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Digital painting
Size: 3000*4000 px – DPI 132
Year: 2022