Shraddha Agrawal; Aastha Agarwal - Snowflakes: Nature's fractals

Name: Shraddha Agrawal; Aastha Agarwal 

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Country: India 

Title: Snowflakes: Nature's fractals
Specie: Snowflakes

Description: Fractals are mathematical objects which exhibit self similarity. An object is called self similar when its replication is exactly the same at every scale. Introduced in 1970's by Mandelbrot, fractals are not merely constructs of mathematical abstractions. Fractals are ubiquitous in nature, and we see them in snowflakes, ferns, trees. For example, a snowflake repeats itself at different scales- it often looks like it is actually made up of smaller versions of itself. Here we draw various snowflakes to emphasize on self similarity. The illustration was prepared digitally.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Digital Illustration
Size: 21×29.7
Year: 2021