The black bear or Baribal - Francesca Reboani

Nom i cognoms: Francesca Reboani
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País: Italy

Títol: The black bear or Baribal
Espècie: Ursus americanus

Descripció: The Ursus Americanus (Black Bear or Baribal) is the most common bear in North America. It is found in a geographical area that extends from the north of Canada and Alaska to the north of Mexico, and from the Atlantic coasts to the Pacific coasts of North America. It prefers forests and mountains, where it finds nourishment and shelter.
The black bear population was likely to be around 2 million adults. Today, the species is protected and it is estimated that there are between 500,000 and 700,000 black bears across the continent. 16 subspecies are recognized, some threatened with extinction. Long hunted for its fur, it is currently threatened by the reduction of its natural environment due to man.

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