Vera Bushkova - Little forest hens

Name: Vera Bushkova

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Country: Russia

Title: Little forest hens
Specie: Tetrastes bonasia

Description: Chicks at hazel grouse are born at the beginning of summer. From the first days of life, they are already very independent, but they are close to their parents. Berries are their main food in summer. In autumn, young hazel grouses look for a partner, and remain faithful to him all their lives. In winter, hazel grouses keep living in the same forest, but switch to feeding on birch seeds, and spend the night hiding under the snow. With the advent of spring, males begin singing, calling the female with a characteristic whistle. At the end of May, hazel grouse lay their eggs, and history repeats itself

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Watercolor pencil
Size: 30*30
Year: 2022