Victoria Esaulova - Russia

Name: Victoria Esaulova 

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Title: Russia
Specie: all plant

Description: Rough boletus belong to the genus leccinum (Leccinum)
The hats are convex, matte, dry.
The stem of the rough boletus is light, slightly thickened (thickness up to 3 cm). It reaches a height of 15-17 cm . It has longitudinal dark scales.
The flesh of the mushroom is white, does not change color at the break. They are inhabitants of deciduous forests and grow mainly in birch groves.
The color of the hat is from gray to black. There is a kind of mushroom that has a white surface of the cap.
Rough boletus are edible mushrooms. These mushrooms contain vitamins of groups C, PP, E, B1 and B2.
In cooking, they are fried, dried, boiled and pickled.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: watercolor
Size: 50х40
Year: 2021